Passenger car

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A classic passenger car as it was used by the Deutsche Reichsbahn in the former GDR. Cars like this were historically pulled by large steam engines, but could also be seen pulled by diesel engines. This model is designed in scale 8W (8 studs wide) to achieve a realistic look without loosing functionality and playabilty. Inside this 4-axle car are 10 benches split into areas, each with 2 benches and a table. The benches are 4 studs wide and allow at least one minifig to take a seat.

Facts and figures
Length 49.0 cm
Width 6.4 cm
Height 11.2 cm
Weight 830.2 g
Estimated parts price 164.88 €
Values were calculated using the program Studio 2.0. Parts price are for new LEGO® parts.

Instruction and parts list

The instructions and parts list for this model are currently being created.

Very long wheel base: The wagon drives through R40-curves (standard LEGO®-curves) but makes contact with the switch lever when going to the side track.